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Freeze the Fat by Cryo-Shape slimming gel!
is a slimming gel based on cryotherapy associated with powerful actives, for proven, exceptional results. CRYO-SHAPE is specifically formulated to fight stubborn fat on thighs, stomach, hips, buttocks and arms.

 Cryo-shape gel works on two levels:
-Fight cellulite
-Improve the elasticity and the appearance of your skin by eliminating the appearance of "orange peel".

-Results after just one hour
-Fights cellulite
-Improves skin appearance
-Non-sticky gel texture

Apply 4 times a week on thighs, stomach, hips, buttocks and arms. Massage in actively with circular movements.

 Main ing
-Menthol refreshing and firming actives inducing a reduction in temperature, which stimulates fats for a localized caloric consumption.
-Pink peppercorn oil: a powerful lipolytic active, able to dissolve fats, pink peppercorn inhibits the development of fat cells.

Effectiveness tests:
-After just one hour: maximum loss of 0,9 cm on thighs and up to 1,7 cm on the stomach
-After a month: maximum loss of 2,5 cm on thighs and up to 3,1 cm on the stomach
-76% of volunteers found their skin smoother